Our mission is to teach kids what it means when we adults say “Be Careful.” We all say it to our kids, but what does that mean to them? Through a Picture Book Series and “The Kids’ Safety Squad” web site, our goal is to teach Kids what hazards are around their lives, how to recognize these things, how to avoid them and in turn to “Be Careful”.

Meeting our mission starts with the launching of the Kids’ Safety Squad Clubhouse Web site.

  • The focus of the “Kids’ Safety Squad Clubhouse” (KSSC) is to have fun while we introduce safe alternative to experienced injuries – through a collection of Real life Kids’ incident re-enactments. These incident reviews are featured in an early childhood picture book series.
  • The series is based on the fun and bumps of kids growing-up. Looking at how the bumps happen and how to lessen the bumps in their future.
  • The KSSC web page also gives us an opportunity to share these valuable early childhood learning adventures in a fun way.
  • The KSSC web page will also present computer games for our young people that will be fun and most importantly support the safety learning featured in the book series.


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About the Author

Tony with Grandchildren

Tony Jaksa Sr. spent the last 28 years writing and implementing safety programs and processes. During that time, he participated in nearly 400 incident investigations, 325 of those involved an injury. His mission is to give care and work to prevent a re-occurrence of caused injury.

With his grandchildren’s help, they are writing picture books giving children a beginners course in safety behaviors.