Our mission is to teach kids what it means when we adults say “Be Careful.” We all say it to our kids, but what does that mean to them? Through a Picture Book Series and “The Kids’ Safety Squad” web site, our goal is to teach Kids what hazards are around their lives, how to recognize these things, how to avoid them and in turn to “Be Careful”.

Meeting our mission starts with the launching of the Kids’ Safety Squad Clubhouse Web site.

  • The focus of the “Kids’ Safety Squad Clubhouse” (KSSC) is to have fun while we introduce safe alternative to experienced injuries – through a collection of Real life Kids’ incident re-enactments. These incident reviews are featured in an early childhood picture book series.
  • The series is based on the fun and bumps of kids growing-up. Looking at how the bumps happen and how to lessen the bumps in their future.
  • The KSSC web page also gives us an opportunity to share these valuable early childhood learning adventures in a fun way.
  • The KSSC web page will also present computer games for our young people that will be fun and most importantly support the safety learning featured in the book series.


Bug, in the Eyes! : The first in the Safety Squad Learning book series, by Tony Jaksa Sr. – Kids’ Safety Squad Protocol made simple and Fun

International Falls, MN: Awareness about safety is as important as safety itself. Preventing injury, accidents and the associated pain are essential. Safety remains something exclusively reserved for adults, particularly workplace safety. With the thought that children should be better aware of safety, Tony Jaksa Sr. is writing the Safety Squad Learning Books. The books aim to teach children what it means when adults, who care and are concerned about their safety, wellbeing and pain-free state say, “Be careful.”

Tony Jaksa Sr., who has been in the field of safety in the workplace for 30 years, found that the number of injuries outside the workplace is staggering – and it inspired him and his wife to get back to the basics and focus on Kid’s Safety, hence the book series, was conceptualized and written.

Bug, in the Eyes!: A Safety Squad Learning Book has interesting adult and children’s characters, Pops, Bug and Bud. In 9 incidents over 18 months, they talk and learn about what hurts and what to do to avoid pain. Tony Jaksa Sr.’s books are also about how to prevent pain and injury from re-occurring – making children take in the essence of the caring caveat of “Be careful” from adults. Tony Jaksa Sr. says,

“There are fun and hurts in every Kid’s life, and once I could communicate with My Grandkids on their level, we shared a learning experience through our picnic table drawings that my wife said I must share them.”

Tony Jaksa Sr. realized that children could develop a safety consciousness at an early age by spending time with their grandparents and one of Tony’s books. Tony spends time with his grandchildren and this made him realize that safety consciousness could be developed earlier on. Kids’ Safety Squad  book series are fun adventures that tells children that they can prevent the pain of injury. The first book, Bug, in the Eyes!: is the first addition to the toolkit of safety, which adds a new narrative to the pain alleviation given to the little ones.

Bug, in the Eyes! : A Safety Squad Learning Book doesn’t only break the belief that safety is something reserved for adults, it also guides on how to make a place safer and healthier and avoid injuries and pain is best instilled young. Kids are taught to identify dangers around them and how to avoid them by a picture book series and the Kid’s Safety Squad website. The second and third books that are to be released soon are, “Bud on a Roll” and “Bud on a Mow.”

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About the Author

Tony with Grandchildren

Tony Jaksa Sr. has been working the field of safety and the prevention of the re-occurrence of the experienced injury and pain since 1985. He has spent nearly 30 years trying to change adult-at-risk actions into at-safe actions in the workplace. His vast experience in the safety industry led to the writing of the “Bug, in the Eyes!: A Safety Squad Learning Book” that would teach safety behaviors from the outset.